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What's the big deal on getting a Coach?

So, What's a Coach anyway?

Alright, let's break it down. A coach is basically your go-to person for leveling up in life. We're talking about someone who's got the training and the experience to help you set goals and crush them. Think about athletes, not just when your in school but professional athletes and olympic medalist. Notice how they always give a shoutout to their coaches during those tear-jerking victory interviews? That's because a coach is like the behind-the-scenes magic maker. They're the ones pushing athletes to run that extra mile, fine-tune their technique, and get their head in the game. The coach is there at the crack of dawn and after everyone else has called it a day. They see the potential, even when the athlete is doubting themselves and they know how to unlock it.

Coach vs Therapist: Whats the Deal?

Now, therapists are awesome, dont get me wrong. they help you unpack your emotional luggage and make sense of things. If life's got you down, or you've got stuff you need to work through, therapists are your people. But they're not usually gonna push you to do certain things or land the perfect job.

They usually work in the past, where a coach typically works in the future. Coaches are like your personal hype man mixed with a strategy guide. While a therapist helps you understand why you might be afraid to take the leap, a coach gives you the parachute and says, "Let's jump!" So to recap- A coach isn't a therapist, a know-it-all, or a miracle worker. We're not handing out meds or quick fixes.

What we do is guide you to find your own answers, and we've got your back every step of the way.

How a Coach Gives You That Boost

  1. Goal Setting: Think of a coach as your personal GPS for life. We help you figure out where your headed and how to get there.

  2. Accountability: It's like having a gym buddy but for your goals. You're way more likely to stick with it if someone's keeping tabs, right?

  3. New Perspective: Feeling stuck? A coach helps you see things from a different angle, so you can bust through those roadblocks.

  4. Skills: Yep, we're talking life skills, like how to manage stress or be a better leader.

How I coach with Sound x Self-care coaching

  1. Holistic wellness: I get it, life's complicated. That's where I bring in my expertise using sound healing and reiki ao we're not just talking - you're feeling better in your soul too.

  1. For the Go-Getters: If you're a high flyer but you're feeling more burnout then lift-out, I've designed my coaching just for you.

  2. Location doesn't matter: I'm based in Virginia Beach, Va but thanks to the magic of Zoom, we can connect from everywhere and I offer a lot of flexibility with scheduling. I try my best to work with my clients schedules to have a time that works best for them not just for me.

  3. Real Change: We go deep. I'm taking life-changing shifts through a blend of coaching and mindfulness techniques.

  4. Certified: I have my current certification though Mindbody green for health and

wellness coaching and are logging my hours to take my board certification Licensing so you are in great hands as I hold myself to the highest standards.

Look I know life comes at us fast. One minute you're cruising with your hair in the wind and the next minute you start thinking about work, responsibilities, your to do list and now your plunging into stress, anxiety and feel the burnout creeping in. And let's real, high-achievers like you feel the pressure more than most. You're juggling a million things, from career or business goa

ls to personal life, and it's easy to drop the ball.

Thats where having a coach - someone who gets it- makes all the difference. If you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or just need a game plan to level up, I've got you. My coaching is tailored to go-getters who might be hitting a wall. I bring a blend of goal setting, motivational vibes, and mindfulness right to your screen through Zoom. Plus, with my background in sound healing and Reiki, we'll tap into some soul-soothing goodness too.

So, if you're tired of going it alone and want to unleash your fullest potential, I'm here for you. Let's turn those pain point

s into setting stones and make your life a journey worth celebrating. Sound x Self-Care is all about helping you be your most amazing self, from the inside out.

Book a discovery call today to get started!

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