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hey there!

Its time to put yourself at the top of your to-do list!

You are worth the quiet moment.

You are worth the deeper breath. 

You are worth the time it takes to slow down, be still and rest. 

Guiding you on a Journey to a balanced & prosperous life. 

Holistic Wellness & Personal Growth using Sound, Scripture, & Selfcare.


Your Sanctuary for Spiritual and Emotional Wellbeing. 

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Wellness coach Ursi smiling welcoming clients to a stress relieving Sound bath to promote relaxation, relieving burnout

👋🏽 Hello Beautiful Soul,

I'm Ursi Salkey, your certified sound healer, reiki master, and health and wellness coach. Is the never-ending cycle of stress and burnout draining your spirit? I get it, High-stakes careers often come at the cost of your well-being.

That's why I specialize in helping you rediscover the calm amidst the chaos and real spirituality.

Book a sound bath with me for immediate relaxation or schedule a discovery call to see how we can work together for sustainable change, mentoring, and coaching. 

🌿 My Journey to Transformative Self-Care

I was a corporate professional fighting burnout and stress. I felt constantly overwhelmed and underappreciated. I lacked passion and just rode the hamster wheel until I physically couldn't anymore. I transformed my life through dedication, mindfulness, and real spirituality. I'm living proof that change is possible, and I'm passionate about helping you achieve your own transformative journey.

🎯 Let's Address What Keeps You Awake at Night

  • Unyielding Stress

    • Relax, as we leverage sound healing to break your stress cycle.

  • Work-Life Imbalance

    • Learn mindfulness techniques and scripture that help you reclaim your time and focus.

  • Loss of Passion and Drive

    • Ignite your life again with transformational coaching where we get the root of what ignites and drives your passion.


🌟 What Clients Are Saying

"Ursi's coaching was a life-saver during a tough year. From going through a separation and firm change, I've never felt more balanced and renewed."
— Jennifer, Attorney

"Through sound healing and mindfulness, I found a new lease on life. Weekly sessions have truly helped me deal with stress and anxiety and Ursi's coaching has helped me to understand I don't have to do everything in my business myself, it's okay to delegate to save my peace and energy. I highly recommend."
— Mark, Entrepreneur

💥 Ready for Transformation? Let's Talk.

You don't have to navigate the rough waters alone. If you're ready to transform your life, take the first step now.

Click the button below to book your Free Discovery Call today. Let me help you turn your stress into your success.




One on one coaching sessions via laptop, offering personalized guidance for transformational coaching
ONE on ONE Coaching

Our 1:1 Coaching programs are designed for high performing professionals, who are grappling with stress, anxiety, and burnout. Through a personalized blend of goal setting, motivational interviewing and mindfulness techniques, we create a tailored roadmap for your emotional and physical well-being. Transform your life from the inside out as you rekindle balance, clarity, and self empowerment. 

Image by Franciele da Silva of overhead shot of coffee on a desk with a laptop

Tailored to rejuvenate overworked and stressed professionals, from mastering mindfulness to unlocking the therapeutic energy of sound healing and Reiki. Our Curriculum offers practical, step-by-step guidance. These courses are designed to equip you with lifelong skills to manage stress, enhance focus, and reclaim your inner peace - all from the comfort of your own home, on your own time.  

Crystal Tones alchemy singing bowls owned by wellness coach Ursi Salkey about to be played for a sound bath

Immerse yourself in the transformative vibrations of a sound bath, available in various formats to suit your needs. Available virtually or in person both provide a deeply personalized healing journey. Our group sound baths offer a communal atmosphere of relaxation and rejuvenation. For corporate teams, our tailored sessions are the perfect anitdote to workplace stress, fostering improved focus and team cohesion. No matter the setting, Each Sound Bath is designed to calm your mind, balance your energy, and rejuvenate your spirit.

My Servcies (HOME)
Services page photo

Who I help..

🎯 Targeting the Overworked and Under-Cared-For


Are You:

  • A corporate professional constantly chasing deadlines?

  • A mid-level manager drowning in responsibilities?

  • An entrepreneur whose business has taken over your life?

  • A medical professional who takes care of everyone but yourself?

  • A parent juggling family, career, and self-care, often feeling overwhelmed and stretched too thin. 

  • A student balancing academic pressures with personal life, seeking peace and focus amidst the chaos. 


If so, you've come to the right place.


🌿 My Story: Why I Understand You

I was in your shoes not too long ago— I was a full time corporate professional, a dedicated mom, supportive spouse, and a full-time student. Every day felt like a never-ending cycle of stress and burnout. Despite my passion for mentoring and helping others, I found myself drowning in responsibilities and feeling overwhelmed. The demands of work, family and school left little time for self-care and I often felt like I was loosing myself in the process. 


It was during this challenging period that I realized the importance of prioritizing my own well-being. Through my journey, I discovered the transformative power of sound healing, mindfulness, and holistic self-care. These practices not only helped me regain my balance but also ignited a deeper passion within me to support others facing similar struggles.

🌟 The Transformation

Now, as a certified sound healer, reiki master and health and wellness coach, I am dedicated to helping high performers like you find harmony and peace amidst the chaos. Whether you're a corporate professional chasing deadlines, a midlevel manger overwhelmed with responsibilities, an entrepreneur consumed by your business, a medical professional who cares for everyone but yourself, a devoted mom juggling multiple roles, or a student navigating academic pressures, I am here to guide you on a journey towards complete wellness and self-care. 

🚀 Let's Take the First Step Together

If you resonate with any part of my story or face challenges similar to what I've described, then let's talk. I offer tailored coaching sessions and wellness programs designed just for you. Make the first move toward a balanced, stress-free life today.

Wellness coach Ursi Salkey journaling thoughtfully, adjacent text highlights her journey and outlines how she helps clients manage stress, anxiety, and achieve wellness.
Image by Mathilde Langevin

Is this you?

Sleepless Nights, Restless Mind: Do you lie in bed, your mind racing with tomorrow's to-do list, making sleep a distant dream?

The Weekend Worrier: Do you find that your weekends are less about recharging and more about worrying about the impending workweek?

"Me Time" is a Myth: Have you forgotten the last time you did something just for yourself, without feeling guilty or rushed?

Emotional Drain: Are you always there for others but find that you have no emotional bandwidth left for yourself, leading to frequent mood swings or bouts of irritability?

Walking on a Tightrope: Do you constantly feel like you're walking a tightrope between your professional and personal life, afraid that one misstep will bring everything crashing down?

Wellness coach Ursi Salkey writing in a notebook next to a laptop, with adjacent text listing different pain points a client may be experiencing such as sleepless nights, restless mind, being a weekend worrier, feeling emotionally drained, walking a tightrope and having no me time.

Then You’re In Luck!

➤ ➤ ➤

🌟 Discover the holistic path to reclaiming your peace and balance with personalized coaching and healing practices tailored to free you from the cycle of stress, burnout, and emotional exhaustion.

Feeling overwhelmed, sleep-deprived, and perpetually stressed? You're not alone, and more importantly, it doesn't have to be this way. When you work with me, you're investing in a tailor-made, holistic program that's designed to not just mask, but truly alleviate the root causes of your stress and emotional turmoil.

From one-on-one coaching sessions that dig deep into your specific challenges, to healing sound baths and reiki sessions that tap into your body's innate wisdom, we tackle your issues from multiple angles.

This isn't just a band-aid solution; it's a life-altering transformation that will help you reclaim your peace of mind, revitalize your energy, and restore your work-life balance.

Imagine trading your restless nights for restful sleep, your weekend worries for genuine relaxation, and your 'never enough time' for abundant 'me-time.' All of this is not just possible; it's within reach. Take the first step to freeing yourself from the constraints of chronic stress and burnout. Let's embark on this transformative journey together, guiding you back to a life you don't just endure but genuinely enjoy and thrive in.

Ready to Transform Your Life?

Don't Let Another Day of Stress Steal Your Joy. Book Your Free Discovery Call Now and Take the First Step Towards a Balanced, Revitalized You. This is the Moment Your Transformation Begins—Seize It!

"Ursi's sound baths are magical, The experience was so deeply personal. I left feeling renewed and centered. It was amazing."  

Laura Williams

Recent POSTS.

From a teen mom navigating high school with a baby in tow to surviving a tumultuous upbringing marked by addiction and instability, my life has been anything but ordinary. Want to know how I transformed adversity into a life of healing and empowerment, and how you can too?

Photo of Ursi linking to her about page for more info on her services and background

Ready to shatter the cycle of stress and burnout? Discover how you can reclaim your peace of mind and skyrocket your performance in as little as 4 weeks to 3 months with one of my personalized coaching programs or enroll in one of my self-paced courses.

Wellcoach and sound practitioner Ursi Salkey durning a sound bath session playing playing singing bowls and a gong

Discover the tools that can amplify your journey to well-being in our online shop. Browse my curated favorites to find products that can make your self-care routine more effective and enjoyable. Elevate your well-being by taking the next step in your healing journey today.

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