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Virtual Sound Bath 45 Minutes


45 minutes

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Do you find yourself constantly on the go, juggling work commitments, family obligation and personal life, with no time for self-care? Stress, anxiety, and burnout aren't just buzzwords; they're your day-to-day reality. You know you need a reset, but how?

Using a curated blend of ancient and modern sound healing techniques and instruments, allow the harmonic resonance to recalibrate your mind, body, and spirit, while you lay back in the comfort of your own home. Ursi pairs her experience in life and wellness coaching to create a one of a kind experience catered to you and what your going through.

What you'll gain:

- Deep relaxation to combat stress and anxiety

- Enhanced focus and metal clarity

- A renewed sense of purpose and balance

- A holistic approach to wellness that goes beyond just physical well-being

- A guided meditation made just for you and your situation after completing your intake questionnaire, we'll talk about whats going on to create a special session just for you, no two sessions are ever the same.

Ready for a transformational experience that can set you on a path to holistic wellness? Schedule your 45-minute virtual sound bath today and take the first step towards doing something for you.

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