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Private Couples Sound Bath

Embrace harmony and connection with your loved one

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 189 US dollars
  • Seahawk Suite

Service Description

In the fast-paced rhythm of life, finding a moment of peace and connection with your partner can be transformative. At Sound x Selfcare, we offer a unique private couple's sound bath experience designed to deepen your bond and provide a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation. What to expect: Our Private Couple's Sound Bath is a serene, 75 minute session tailored for two. As you both lie down comfortably, surrounded by the calming ambience of our carefully designed space, you will embark on a journey of sound relaxation. Using an array of traditional instruments, including Tibetan singing bowls, alchemy singing bowls, and gentle percussions, each tone and vibration is crafted to guide you towards profound relaxation and harmony. Benefits include: Stress Reduction: The resonant sounds work to slow down brain wave frequencies, inducing a state of deep relaxation that can significantly reduce stress and anxiety. Emotional Connection: Sharing this peaceful experience helps in fostering emotional intimacy, allowing you and your loved one to connect on a deeper level. Enhanced Communication: The tranquil environment encourages heart-to-heart connection, improving empathy and understanding between partners. Rejuvenation: The vibrational healing properties of the sound bath promote physical and mental rejuvenation, leaving you both refreshed and aligned. Mindful Presence: This shared experience brings a heightened sense of mindfulness, helping you both to be fully present in the moment with each other. Perfect for: Couples seeking a unique and meaningful way to bond, friends looking to share a calming experience, parents wanting to connect with children, or anyone wishing to enjoy a peaceful retreat with a loved one. This session is especially beneficial for those managing the stresses of high performing professions or experiencing burnout. As you emerge from the sound bath, you will feel a renewed sense of peace and a deeper connection with your partner. The shared journey of sound and vibration is not just a moment of relaxation, but a profound experience of togetherness and emotional resonance.

Cancellation Policy

Life can be unpredictable, and we understand that schedules change. While we don't currently offer refunds, we're more than happy to accommodate you in other ways. Should you need to cancel, you have the flexibility to reschedule your session within a full year - 365 days- from your original purchase date. Alternatively, you can pass along the gift of well-being by transferring your service to someone else who you believe could benefit from it. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, should you have any questions please email me at:

Contact Details

  • 800 Seahawk Circle suite 131, Virginia Beach, VA, USA


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